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Wait-Staff Services

We can provide the full range of Wait-Staff for all tiers of events. 

Whether one person is needed for an intimate gathering or an entire team for a banquet reception, we can accommodate your needs. 


Some specific services include:

  1. Buffet Service/Maintenance

  2. Family Style Dining

  3. Formal/Seated Table Service

  4. Caterer Assist

  5. Corporate Staff



Our certified bartenders are extremely knowledgeable and courteous. Not only will they serve drinks with the utmost efficiency, but they will also dazzle guests with charming personalities and Mixology. 

Event Setup/Breakdown

We can provide teams of general labor professionals who are proficient in every aspect of the event setup and breakdown process, from custodial duties to audio/visual equipment. A timely set-up and breakdown will ensure that the event commences and proceeds smoothly, then concludes efficiently. 


  • Table Settings

  • Room Staging

  • Venue Maintenance/cleanup


Staffing Rates


  • We are competitively priced and offer the best value for your money. We are always able to work within your budget without sacrificing quality or efficiency. 

  • As our rates vary during holiday seasons, please call or email us for our current rates. 

  • Our Corporate and Catering rates are based on volume and frequency of use. 

Other Services 


See below for a list of our most commonly requested services:

  • Barbacks

  • Coat Check Attendants

  • Gift Table Attendants

  • Guest List Attendants

  • Host/Hostess

  • Kitchen Staff

  • Restroom Attendants

  • Shuttle/Transportation Service

  • Brand Ambassadors

  • Promo Models

  • Fashion Show Steamers/ Attendants


Call us! (678) 552-1211

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